Plan of Action

Fighting Crime

I have a bold plan to address the pressing issues facing California. Within the first 120 days of my term, I will submit bills to reverse the disastrous effects of propositions like Prop-47, Prop-57 which have decriminalized serious offenses. We need to hold criminals accountable and prioritize the safety of our communities. Hold cities and counties accountable who have defunded their police at the cost of safety of our citizens and businesses.


The homelessness crisis demands immediate action. Despite a massive budget allocation of 6.4 billion dollars, little progress has been made, a lot of talk with little action. I will push for large-scale income-based rental developments to provide real solutions and get people off the streets.


California's status as a sanctuary state has allowed illegal immigration to run rampant, at the expense of our own citizens. This must end. I will introduce a bill to put an end to the sanctuary status and ensure that our resources are directed towards those who truly deserve them, while taking control of our border to stop the inflow.

Parental Rights

Our parental rights have been trampled upon, and our children's education is suffering. I will fight to restore the rights of parents, giving them the authority to make decisions about their child's upbringing and education. Mandated sex education for 11 year old 5th graders is not something anyone has said to be desirable and needs to be eliminated, the rest of AB957 needs to be amended to be more age appropiate.

Water Security Initiatives

Water is our most precious resource, and we must take decisive action to secure a stable supply. I will advocate for the construction of better water retention dams and explore innovative solutions to ensure that our agriculture and residents have access to water.


The burden of high costs and excessive regulations on businesses is forcing them to leave the state, taking jobs and revenue with them. I will hold the state accountable and work towards reducing and eliminating the cost of doing business and regulations in California, so that our economy can thrive.

State Economy

The state budget is spiraling out of control, with a staggering $58 billion dollar deficit. I will break this trend by proposing zero-based budgeting, ensuring that we only spend what we can afford, just like responsible individuals manage their own finances.


Climate change is a complex issue with differing opinions among specialists. Implementing realistic measures is important to consider the impact on economy and people's lives. Diversifying energy sources is necessary for sustainability without limiting resources. Rather than replacing one resource with another, we should focus on developing new energy sources and improving existing ones, allowing individuals to choose what suits their needs. Complete reliance on electric energy is not be the best solution for everyone and disastrous for the trucking industry, which will only impact our costs at the store while doing little else. I will pursue diversification of energy without imposing what the individual must use. It’s your choice.

California is still the 7th largest economy in the world, all we have done is stub our toe, if we really wanted to solve these and more issue’s we could easily. We just have to elect the right people with the will to do so and without costing us more. I am that person!

Together, we can bring about real change
and restore California to its rightful place
as a prosperous and thriving state.

On November 5th, 2024, vote Thom Bogue
for California State Senate District 3

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